Aeroelasticity is one of the most challenging field of research since it combines different disciplines, such as aerodynamics, structures, inertia properties, and active controls in case of aeroservoelasticity. Nowadays, it represents one of the most important discipline since, due to the increased flexibility of modern aircraft, the consequences of aeroelasticity are more evident and can impact in a negative way the aircraft performance.

For this reason, our vision on that is based on two main pillars:

  • Take into account of aeroelasticity since the beginning of the design loop
  • Use the aeroelasticity in a beneficial way, to force the aircraft deformation.

We have a long lasting background on aeroelasticity, including numerical modelling and experimental validation. More, in the years we have developed dedicated tools to bring the aerolastic design to the beginning of the design loop.

In particular, we have the capability to manage aeroelastic problems at different level of fidelity, starting form typical, simple  stick models till very complex full fem models. The aeroelastic problem can be formulated both in frequency and time domain (state space formulation) while the unsteady aerodynamic forces can be obtained by classical and customized DLM methods as well by Indicial Functions based on CFD solutions. Finally, an extended range of tools for Fluid-Structure Interfaces are also available.