During our activity we have developed different kind of tools to implement our Acubedtechnologies. In some cases these tools have been used by ourself to finalize the proposed solutions, in other cases the tools itself became the results of our activity delivered to the partners. Among the others, it is worthwhile to mentions the following ones:


NeoCASS (Next generation Conceptual Aero Structural Sizing) is a free suite of Matlab modules that combines state of the art computational, analytical and semi-empirical methods to tackle all the aspects of the aero-structural analysis of a design layout at conceptual design stage. It  was initially developed by Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, during the FP6 EU funded project SimSAC, as part of the software package for Aircraft Conceptual Design called CEASIOM (

Since 2012, NeoCASS is a standalone product and  an Open Source Project. Of special interest for aeroelasticians is the module called NeoRESP available inside the NeoCASS suite, fully dedicated to the aeroelastic response and control.


PHORMA (Parametrical sHapes for aerOdinamic and stRuctural Modelling of Aircrafts) is a Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) framework dedicated to the optimization of wing shapes in terms of mission performances for different flight conditions.  Main features are:

  • Provide advanced implicit parametric capabilities and more direct shape control than common Computer-Aided Engineering CAE systems;
  • Provide couplings between the parametric geometry representation and aerodynamic and structural solvers including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD);
  • Introduce shape changes due to morphing devices;
  • Incorporate the ability to predict the structural response of morphing skin to the shape changes;
  • Use Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) to tackle the optimization problem related to the definition of the best morphing shapes.


SPHERA (Synthesis of comPliant mecHanisms for EngineeRing Applications) is a code for the synthesis of compliant mechanisms, specially dedicated to the design of morphing wing:

  • Implements the synthesis of both Single-Input/Single-Output (SISO) compliant mechanisms and Single-Input/Multi-Output compliant mechanisms for the adaptive-structure shape control;
  • Receives target shapes and aerodynamic loads  from PHORMA;
  • Based on a Multi-objective genetic algorithm customized to mix topology, shape and size structural design;
  • Shape results can be experimental validated by photogrammetry techniques;

The code is validated by an extensive wind tunnel test campaign in terms of actuation requirements, structural stiffness and kinematic performances.