Despite the well know statement of Oscar Wilde, i.e. Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future, it is now well accepted that future air transport systems will be more and more active, adaptive, and aeroelastic, with a different blend of such characteristics depending on the specific flight missions.

Active: means structures equipped with different kind of control devices used to improve the performances, increase safety and comfort.

Adaptive: means capability to adapt and change their geometry through morphing from one configuration to the another so to stay at maximum efficiency for different flight conditions

Aeroelastic: means that from the beginning of the design the structure must be considered as flexible and the interaction between aerodynamic, inertial and elastic forces must be exploited as an opportunity and not treated as a constraint.


We have a clear vision on all these key aspects, based on a strong background,  years of experience and active participation in many research projects, and we are ready to share it with you.

Are all these skills part of your background, but you need the tool to implement a AAA design? We can share with you our dedicated tools, allowing you to cover the whole design process, from the conceptual design, through the in-deep aeroelastic analyses till the conception and implementation of sophisticated active control and morphing solutions.

Are you a young company in the field of UAVs or light aircraft design, and do you need not only the dedicated tools but also skilled support for all the critical design phases? We can do that for you, using our tools or any other specific tool requested by you.

Are you an educator, involved in teaching activity in Academia or in technology transfer to Industry, and are you looking for simple tools to transfer your knowledge in the aeroservoelastic field, we can help you with our tools, that can be fully customized for any specific application.

About Us

Acubedtechnology (ACT) includes a group of experienced people with a strong background on:  aeroelasticity and control, including both applications and development of dedicated software tools; adaptive structures including morphing; design and testing, including wind tunnel test on aeroelastic models.

Our experience is based on a long track of collaborations during last 10 years in many national and international projects, specifically EU funded projects under Framework 5, 6 and 7 and including Cleansky 1 and 2.

We are the founder of NeoCASS Open Source Project!